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Assistant Project Manager Position

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MyBrand A Brand Solutions Company

MyBrand specializes in providing brand solutions to our clients and partners. We grow brands with our knowledge and expertise of promotional merchandise, point of sale displays, e-commerce, distribution, fulfilment, sourcing, and creative design.


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Who We Are

It’s All Good! ® Performance Based Culture

MyBrand fosters a culture of fun, creative, and good and live into our values and It’s All Good! Performance-Based Culture in all that we do. By investing in a “growth mindset” we encourage all employees to never stop growing personally or professionally and provide an environment where our team is allowed the opportunity to thrive. This combined with our motto of It’s All Good! ® allows our team to approach challenges and opportunities alike with relationship, collaboration and a positive mindset that allows us to find the gift in even the greatest challenges. We work in a positive team-based environment and ensure that each member added to our team is a culture fit. MyBrand is proof that a positive attitude, putting relationship first, and having fun as a team combined with an excellent client experience and offering capabilities that deliver on the brand strategies of our clients creates an environment of success and growth that we all benefit from.


Our Values

Our core values have always been, and always will be at the core of who we are. We strive to put each and every value into all we do every single day.


Job Description – Assistant Project Manager


Position Overview

This role works to process and manage all orders from time of order entry until delivery to the client with priority placed on efficiency, and effectiveness, but above all, ensuring a worry-free and positive experience for the clients of MyBrandPromo, Inc. The assistant project manager role interfaces with both clients and vendors requiring professional verbal and written communication skills and a strong ability to think critically in a fast-paced environment. The assistant project manager’s actions and decisions create both a positive experience for all stakeholders while maintaining a profitable outcome for MyBrandPromo. The assistant project manager role not only delivers orders with care to our valued clients but works to promote the MyBrand company brand by exhibiting the company values every day.

Key Responsibilities

  • Order Processing and Management: Facilitate all orders with excellent service, organization, professionalism, and positive energy.
    • Navigate internal (Facilis) order flow system managing all orders efficiently and effectively.
    • Ensure all stages of the order, from the beginning stages of order submission, to proof approval, to receiving tracking information and ensuring all deliveries are handled with exceeding client expectations top of mind
    • Follow up on all orders in a timely manner using the Daily assistant project manager guidelines.
    • Monitor deliveries until the order is confirmed as delivered to the client
    • Proactively works to protect the profitability of the order.
    • Ensure a detail-oriented approach is taken in all responsibilities.
    • Interact daily with suppliers, clients, and team members in a team oriented and positive manner.
  • Partner to Sales Team: Act as an extension to the sales team assisting with all areas pertinent to a worry-free client experience.
    • Cultivate positive, trust filled relationships with sales representatives and solutions specialists acting as an extension of the sales team.
    • Actively problem solve order challenges by proactively collecting solutions and presenting those to the sales team and/or client.
    • Proactively source and recommend product substitutions to the sales team and/or client in the event of backordered products.
    • Ensure vendor proofs are approved by the client or the MBP sales/solutions members. If any adjustments are made ensure they are correct before production
    • Facilitate and encourage a team-based approach acting as an invested and committed member of the MyBrand team that is working to establish and build multiple points of contact within the client
  • Vendor Relations: Partner with vendors ensuring all orders are executed with excellence, no deadlines are missed, and all issues are addressed ensuring both a positive working relationship with the vendor and that excellent products and services are being delivered to the client
    • Drive order schedule with the vendor ensuring all deadlines are on track
    • Perform quality check to ensure vendor order acknowledgement matches MBP order specifications.
    • Confirm accuracy on all pieces of the order, including vendor invoices, prior to delivering the order.
    • Proactively initiate verbal communication via phone or virtual meeting to navigate complex challenges and/or order issues.
    • Communicate and escalate order issues with all pertinent stakeholders ensuring a team approach dedicated to exceeding client expectations.
    • Troubleshoot issues that arise ensuring a worry-free client experience while maintaining vendor relations.
  • Serve as support and cross-trained back up.
    • Serve as back-up for fellow coworkers on the project management team, as necessary.
    • Support Operations, as needed.
    • Pull reports, project manager and all other team members, as needed.
  • It’s All Good! Leadership: Grow as an It’s All Good! Leader driving results while living up to the MBP values. Actively invest in a growth mindset always working to elevate both personal and professional growth goals. Proactively seek out and share knowledge and skills that work to increase the shared knowledge of the team, drive internal efficiencies, and foster creative thought for the brands that we serve.


Core Competencies & Skills

  • Strong administrative and organization: Is personally organized and able to juggle multiple priorities being mindful of delivering on promises and commitments.
  • Influence and persuasive communications: very strong communicator able to motivate and influence people.
  • Goal-directed accountability: is goal-directed and holds oneself accountable for goal achievement.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making: gathers stakeholder information and considers all factors before making win-win decisions in a collaborative manner.
  • Initiative and proactivity: anticipate issues and takes proactive steps to prevent problems. Demonstrates initiative to start new projects and make improvements.
  • Integrity and honesty: uphold high personal and professional standards; builds trust in all encounters and relationships.
  • Leadership: achieves goals while living up to company and personal values; leads and inspires in a manner that motivates people to rise into their full potential and perform their very best.



  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or equivalent work experience preferred.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Suite and Google Workplace



  • Competitive Compensation package
  • 3% non-discretionary 401K match
  • 14 PTO days
  • 9 paid holidays per year
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Professional development
  • Hybrid work environment


If you would like to apply, please email your resume and any other relevant information to!