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MyBrand specializes in providing brand solutions to our clients and partners. We grow brands with our knowledge and expertise of promotional merchandise, point of sale displays, e-commerce, distribution, fulfillment, sourcing, and creative design.


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It’s All Good! ® Performance Based Culture

MyBrand fosters a culture of fun, creative, and good and live into our values and It’s All Good! Performance-Based Culture in all that we do. By investing in a “growth mindset” we encourage all employees to never stop growing personally or professionally and provide an environment where our team is allowed the opportunity to thrive. This combined with our motto of It’s All Good! ® allows our team to approach challenges and opportunities alike with relationship, collaboration and a positive mindset that allows us to find the gift in even the greatest challenges. We work in a positive team-based environment and ensure that each member added to our team is a culture fit. MyBrand is proof that a positive attitude, putting relationship first, and having fun as a team combined with an excellent client experience and offering capabilities that deliver on the brand strategies of our clients creates an environment of success and growth that we all benefit from.


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Our core values have always been, and always will be at the core of who we are. We strive to put each and every value into all we do every single day.




Job Description – E-commerce Manager

Position Overview

The E-Commerce manager will drive the strategic growth, innovation, profitability and success of the e-commerce product capability. This role is responsible for building upon the current E-Commerce capabilities framework and applying technological innovation, scalable and repeatable processes, end-to-end operationalization across MyBrand’s cross functional team workflow, and ensuring the E-Commerce capability meets and exceeds the level of excellence that MyBrand strives for in its suite of product capabilities to serve our clients with care and in line with our culture and values. The E-Commerce manager will manage all warehouse, fulfillment, and vendor partners associated with the E-Commerce capability ensuring they are meeting and/or exceeding the level of service the MyBrand requires for our clients. This role will hold day to day responsibilities within a number of the E-Commerce stores in addition to the roles of managing this growing capability. The E-Commerce Manager is tech-savvy and has the business acumen to effectively manage multiple projects and lead a team. Additionally, this role is responsible for developing all new webstore builds within the chosen platforms of MyBrand.


Key Responsibilities

  • E-Commerce Capability Strategy & Plan including New Business Development:
    • Drive Sustainable Growth within the sector through the development of innovative upgrades and technological enhancements to the E-Commerce Capability
    • Identify E-Commerce client opportunities that align with the strategic direction of MyBrand and develop impactful approaches for the sales team to offer the E-Commerce capability as a solution for the MyBrand clients
    • Develop and execute strategies to grow existing accounts and webstore activity to meet overall company and client goals
    • Monitor and manage E-Commerce profitability through the development and maintenance of sale sheets and ensuring all costs are allocated for services rendered
  • Scalable, Repeatable E-Commerce Capability Processes
    • Develop Sales material and ensure all tools are accessible to the Solutions team empowering the team to be successful in the autonomous execution of E-Commerce based proposals including current E-Commerce case studies, client/webstore/platform features, and pricing strategies. Assist in the development of E-Commerce related client RFP’s
    • Create Scalable and Repeatable end to end worklfows within the E-Commerce team and across cross functional teams providing an efficient workflow for the capability
    • Develop Scalable and Repeatable processes as it relates to the sale and build of new E-Commerce stores that drive efficient development of new stores that stay in line with the timeline and promises made to the client
    • Engage in program reviews to assess the results of client programs and drive improvements as part of client review meetings.
    • Utilize strategic agility, innovative thought, and critical thinking to identify and solve problems within the E-Commerce team and across cross functional teams


  • Manage E-Commerce Stores
    • Serve as webstore point-of-contact. Ensure all pricing and content is updated on schedule agreed to with clients for each webstore.
    • Act as liaison with client on any site changes required including new banner ads, content changes.
    • Oversee all webstore activity including approving new applicants, responding to “contact us” requests.
    • Mange pricing and SKU’s including:
      • Update prices on schedule agreed to by client
      • Annual, bi-annual, and ongoing maintenance of SKU’s
    • Manage product changes and refreshes including:
      • Movement of merchandise to discontinued status, out-of-stock to hidden status, adding discount codes, where applicable, adding coupon codes, where applicable, pre-loading store credit, where applicable, adding or subtracting images, if needed
    • Adding new product descriptions and images to site
    • Customer Service
      • answer phones
      • assist clients with orders
      • troubleshoot orders
      • answer emails
    • Inventory Management & Fulfillment Quality Control: Direct and manage inventories on each webstore; work with vendor partners to ensure quality standards are achieved.
      • Inventory Management
        • Adding updated inventory to site when new inventory is purchased
        • Ensure low inventory thresholds are established and advise on low inventory levels
      • Work daily with Warehouse and OnDemand Partners
        • Ensure cycle counts are correct
        • Orders are being shipped on a timely basis
        • New inventory is received and put into stock (update store inventory once Warehouse receives inventory)
      • Ensure Warehouse inventory management software syncs to the Big Commerce/Bright Sites inventory management in the back end of sites
    • Monthly Statements & Accounting: Prepare accurate client statements and ensure accurate accounting of webstore costs into cost-of-sales in partnership with Finance.
      • Each month, prepare monthly statements for each webstore client
      • Ensure that all webstore fees are accurate and accounted for in cost-of-goods sold including: Merchant Gateway,, Vendor Invoices, Big Commerce, Bright Stores, Etc.
    • Webstore Build: Drive process of building new webstores partnered with sales/solutions and creative services
      • Develop and follow a webstore build process/checklist expanding on processes already defined
      • Drive all webstore trouble-shooting and quality controls during webstore build process
      • Work with sales/solutions to develop a webstore build statement-of-work for each new webstore.
      • Work with sales/solutions and client to get sign-off’s on each stage of webstore build
    • Manage E-Commerce Team and Provide Values-Based Leadership
      • Formulate knowledge base and skillsets necessary to provide leadership and mentorship to the E-Commerce Team
      • Drive consistent and scalable processes within the E-Commerce team
      • Build a collaborative team environment where knowledge is shared, and team members are cross-trained.
      • Provide coaching and support to team members with expectations that all team members continuously grow and improve in their role.
      • Exhibit values-based leadership by driving results while living up to and modeling the MBP It’s All Good! values
      • Drive regular communications to ensure all team members are focused on shared goals, progress is monitored, and successes are celebrated.
      • Create an It’s All Good! team atmosphere that is fun, creative, and good!



Core Competencies & Skills

  • Technology and Knowledge Gathering: Is motivated to maintain and expand current knowledge of industry trends, opportunities, and products as it relates to technology and E-Commerce and continually raise the bar of the E-Commerce capability. Knowledge of Coding is not a requirement of this role, however, is a plus.
  • Strong administrative and organization: Is personally organized and able to organize and coordinate cross-functional teams and groups.
  • Initiative and proactivity: anticipate issues and takes proactive steps to prevent problems. Demonstrates initiative to start new projects and make improvements.
  • Goal-directed accountability: is goal-directed and holds oneself accountable for goal achievement.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making: gathers stakeholder information and considers all factors before making win-win decisions in a collaborative manner.
  • Listening and influence skills: able to put oneself into client’s shoes, listen to their needs, and creatively concept ways to help them; very strong communicator able to influence people
  • Solutions thinker: able to work with a clean sheet of paper to creatively concept solutions and program elements and pull together into a cohesive program and recommendation
  • Process orientation: is able to define a process with appropriate quality controls and then adhere to it consistently. Makes sure that vendors and others also follow a process and works to make process improvements when needed.
  • Critical thinker: does more than check-the-box. Looks critically at what must be done and how to get it done in the most effective manner possible.
  • Integrity and honesty: uphold high personal and professional standards; builds trust in all encounters and relationships.
  • Leadership: achieves goals while living up to company and personal values; leads and inspires in a manner that motivates people to rise into their full potential and perform their very best.



  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, information systems, or another relevant field
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Workspace
  • 10+ years of experience in business and marketing with a minimum of 5 years of experience in client solutions role
  • 2+ years in management/supervisory position
  • Knowledge of web and E-Commerce techniques, procedures, and strategies



  • Competitive Compensation package
  • 3% non-discretionary 401K match
  • 14 PTO days
  • 9 paid holidays per year
  • health, dental, and vision insurance
  • professional development
  • hybrid work environment


If you would like to apply, please email your resume and any other relevant information to!