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MyBrand A Brand Solutions Company 

MyBrand specializes in providing brand solutions to our clients and partners. We grow brands with our knowledge and expertise of promotional merchandise, point of sale displays, e-commerce, distribution, fulfilment, sourcing, and creative design.

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Who We Are

It’s All Good!® Performance Based Culture

MyBrand fosters a culture of fun, creative, and good and live into our values and It’s All Good! Performance-Based Culture in all that we do. By investing in a “growth mindset” we encourage all employees to never stop growing personally or professionally and provide an environment where our team is allowed the opportunity to thrive. This combined with our motto of It’s All Good! ® allows our team to approach challenges and opportunities alike with relationship, collaboration and a positive mindset that allows us to find the gift in even the greatest challenges. We work in a positive team-based environment and ensure that each member added to our team is a culture fit. MyBrand is proof that a positive attitude, putting relationship first, and having fun as a team combined with an excellent client experience and offering capabilities that deliver on the brand strategies of our clients creates an environment of success and growth that we all benefit from.


Our Values

Our core values have always been, and always will be at the core of who we are. We strive to put each and every value into all we do every single day.



Job Description – Sales Assistant 

Position Overview

Serve as sales and solutions assistant providing proactive, detailed, accurate and consistent administrative, sourcing, and pricing support for assigned sales team. Develop a trusted partnership with this sales team and their clients and understand and support their needs through proactive solution ideas, responding to requests for proposals and quotes, contacting vendors and providing administrative support directly related to the sales efforts of the team. Partner with Sales and Solutions on pricing of significant proposals/orders, as well as, owning the pricing of standard proposals/orders. Participate, as appropriate, with Sales and Solutions on client meetings and executive-level relationship-building. This role, in collaboration with the Sales and Solutions Members, is accountable for achieving customer satisfaction as well as revenue and GP growth targets. This role will work to drive the It’s All Good! Sales and Solutions standards creating a uniform process for sales, order entry and follow up.


Key Responsibilities

SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT AND PROPOSALS: Understand Client Needs and Develop Solutions that Drive Client Results

  • Create unique MBP solutions that achieve client goals
  • Develop client-specific proposals utilizing brand knowledge, creative sourcing, preferred partners, consistent pricing structures, and your team as resource to present the best solutions for our clients.
  • Respond to sales requests for product/pricing
  • Serve as day-to-day support for sales team
  • Respond within 24 hours, as a rule, on all sales requests
  • Collaborate, as needed, with Sector/Sales Leaders on pricing
  • Provide Quote, Pricing and Inventory Support by assisting in contacting vendors to check inventory, lead times and negotiate pricing
  • Create quotes for assigned orders utilizing sourcing and pricing processes and guidelines to ensure the proper balance of creative sourcing and consistent pricing structures

STRATEGIC SOURCING / SOLUTIONS TEAM COLLABORATION & KNOWLEDGE-SHARING: MyBrand operates in a team-based environment. This role as part of a solutions team is built on strong collaboration and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

  • Stay abreast of the latest products through participation in vendor meetings
  • Fully participate and contribute to MyBrand’s solutions team via weekly calls and regular idea sharing
  • Participate in brain storming parties and ideation for own clients and in support of solution team members
  • Proactively identify domestic manufacturers that drive a competitive advantage for the sales team in support of client needs

SALES AND SOLUTIONS SUPPORT: Support Operations, Sales and Solutions in driving a uniform process for sales, order entry and follow up.

  • Collaborate with sales and solution team in developing, implementing, and monitoring sales/solutions standards and processes
  • Provide sales related administrative support
  • Aid in the ordering and shipping of samples
  • Assist in sales order entry ensuring quality checks are put into practice to maintain consistent and accurate sales orders are written
  • Organize client drop ship lists ensuring compatibility with vendor systems
  • Develop SKUs for client’s warehouse partner

MARKETING TO TARGET CLIENTS: Drive regular marketing of new product ideas to target client base

  • Develop a systematic approach to marketing new product ideas to target client base.
  • Customize the product ideas based on client brands and audience preferences.
  • Proactively follow-up on marketing campaigns with sales team.


Competencies and Skills:

  • Marketing and sales: proficient in sourcing, merchandising, and creating marketing programs and campaigns that drive results
  • Listening and influence skills: able to put oneself into client’s shoes, listen to their needs, and creatively concept ways to help them; very strong communicator able to influence people
  • Solutions thinker: able to creatively concept solutions and program elements and pull together into a cohesive program and recommendation
  • Goal-directed accountability: is goal-directed and holds oneself accountable for goal achievement.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making: gathers stakeholder information and considers all factors before making win-win decisions in a collaborative manner.
  • Initiative and proactivity: anticipate issues and takes proactive steps to prevent problems. Demonstrates initiative to start new projects and make improvements.
  • Integrity and honesty: uphold high personal and professional standards; builds trust in all encounters and relationships.
  • Strong administrative and organizational capabilities: is able to organize and coordinate cross-functional teams and groups.
  • Leadership: achieves goals while living up to company and personal values; leads and inspires in a manner that motivates people to rise into their full potential and perform their very best.



  • Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing preferred
  • 5+ years of experience in business and marketing with a minimum of 2 years of experience in client solutions role
  • Experience in CRM, online shopping platforms and Social Media Marketing preferred
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google



  • Competitive Compensation package
  • 3% non-discretionary 401K match
  • 14 PTO days
  • 9 paid holidays per year
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Professional development
  • Hybrid work environment
If you would like to apply, please email your resume and any other relevant information to!