Apparel is a unique way to show people who you are – but the apparel is just the beginning. The branding is your chance to take a great style and create something that projects exactly the right image. Whether you prefer to keep it traditional with an embroidered or screen printed logo, or want to make a splash with HXD, we’ll help you create the right look.


HXD is a unique decoration method that offers all new possibilities for your branded apparel. Creating a subtle pop from the apparel surface, HXD brings a whole new dimension to your logo.
•HXD uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited color, incredible detail and location versatility of True Edge™ Transfer.
•HXD is remarkably durable, allowing it to be used on everything from high-end automobiles to textiles. The adhesives have been tested for both washing machines and dry cleaning.
•HXD adds both a reflective quality and new dimension to subtle tone-on-tone decoration.


Exclusive new method that seamlessly infuses logos with our custom-made fabrics.
•Perfect for retail fashion looks
•Razor-sharp detail
•Permanent image
•Breathable and touchless decoration
•Unlimited color for one setup (no white print available)


True Edge™ Transfer is a cutting-edge heat transfer process that provides superior clarity and precision.
•Can reproduce freestanding text as small as 8 point
•Precision alternative to “sticker” or “label” appearance
•Access to locations that can’t be reached with embroidery hoop
•4-color process or spot color
•Good alternative to embroidery for thin garments
•No contours required


Embroidery offers thread colors to match any logo and reduces costs with up to 25,000 stitches included in the price.
•Classic look
•Precision-engineered production capability for exceptional detail
•Popular choice for left/right chest, left/right bicep decoration
•Mixed Media is available on select garments using embroidery over laser


Applicable at virtually any location, laser produces a permanent tone-on-tone look that’s great for technical fabrics. For a bold look, this method provides a beautiful mixed media look when paired with embroidery, as shown.
•Topical application that can be placed over seams and zippers
•Smooth finish with a glossy look
•Best for mid-range colors
•Unlimited washability
•Mixed Media is available on select garments using laser as the base decoration beneath either embroidery or transfer for a unique look


Ideal for waterproof and other technical fabrics, deboss uses a die that’s heat-pressed into the material, creating a striking 3D appearance.
•Applicable at virtually any location
•Subtle tone-on-tone look
•Works equally well on all colors and black and white
•Unlimited washability
•High degree of detail available

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