What is “It’s All Good!” all about?

“It’s All Good!” is our attitude at My Brand Promo Inc.® It was inspired by our UPS guy who- no matter the conditions or number of boxes- says, “It’s All Good!” From our employees to our clients, the “It’s All Good” mindset has become our contagious motto in all we do. My Brand Promo is proof that a fun attitude can be combined with great customer service and knowledge of the industry to provide you with products and services you will love. “It’s All Good!” is about enjoying our relationships with each other, our clients, vendors and community. You too can share the “It’s All Good!” attitude by Thumb Bumping your friends!

What in the World is an “It’s All Good!” “Thumb Bump”?

A Thumb Bump™ is like a fist bump but better, with a thumbs up from each person! Form the thumbs up first, then bump your fists together- but Thumb Bumps are sensitive things; don’t explode it!

A Thumb Bump™ is given during or after a pleasant connection, happy collision, or positive exchange with someone. When given with a smile, a smile will be returned creating “It’s All Good” vibes. Show us It’s All Good® with you and make sure to tag us in your Thumb Bump photos on Facebook!