April 3rd marks four whole years since David Letterman announced his retirement from hosting The Late Show. Even after all that time, we’re still adjusting to life without Letterman and his beloved staple of late night comedy- the nightly Top Ten Lists. To help fill that void, we’ve put together our own Top Ten List of why you should be working with us.

The Top Ten Reasons to Work with MY BRAND PROMO:

10. Dave and Joe are so handsome

9. We are Fun, Creative and Good

8. We provide It’s All Good! energy and spirit

7. We build trusting and valuable relationships

6. We make it right when something goes wrong

5. We do what we say when we say we’ll do it

4. We are original and offer creative solutions

3. We are honest and have integrity

2. We keep it simple

And The #1 Reason to Work with MBP is….

We really are friends and family at the office. Everyone is either related in some form or is a referral of a current or former employee. It’s a rare thing where the whole room can cut up, but also work so well together. Here at MyBrandPromo, It’s All Good!