Clean Phone Now

Needing a promotional product for your upcoming trade show or conference? Needing a technology savvy promotional product? If this is what your target market looks for you may want to consider sticky screen cleaners. You may hesitate when you hear the word sticky but let’s learn why they are some of the most popular promotional products around.

Sticky screen cleaners are loved because we are constantly using  our smart phones leaving phones with sticky and gooey fingerprints and smudges often of makeup or sweat. Without wet paper towels around, a sticky cleaner provides a great solution to cleaning your phone quickly.

One other benefit to sticky screen cleaners as the name implies, they are sticky. Meaning they won’t leave a mess on your phone but can be re-stuck to the phone and re-used multiple times. The cleaners can be stuck to the back of a phone and remind consumers to utilize all the time a well as remind he or she of your brand. It takes an average of 7 times of re-seeing a brand to recall the brand. As mentioned in a previous blog, when purchasing products to promote your brand

  1. Think about your consumers and their likes
  2. Purchase a product that can be utilized multiple times to increase brand recognition

There were other tips but these are the two most important. With this product you can do just this.

Our best-selling sticky screen cleaner is the 1.38” Sticky Screen Cleaner, Square or Round

Features include:

  • Antimicrobial Microfiber cloth surface cleans any LCD surface
  • Cleaners take full color bleed imprint on cloth side
  • The plastic gel backing is a self-adhesive environmentally friendly material that adheres to smart phones, laptops, cameras and MP3s
  • Sticky screen cleaners can be washed with water if gel loses its cling
  • Easy to use. Washable and reusable. Applies to device. Keeps logo visible.
  • Custom shapes and sizes are available

The sticky screen cleaners will come in cellophane bags to prevent sticking to one another and can easily be distributed at events or meetings.

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