MyBrandPromo Inc.®

The Liquor Industry

The liquor industry is always looking for promotional product options to increase brand promotion or to introduce a new product to consumers. We receive calls and emails with brief ideas clients have but still wanting us to find a product match or a complimentary product to meet their needs. For example, last week we had a St Louis winery contact us looking for wine bags to display their newest wine collection just in time for the fall season. However, they asked that four colors be displayed on a nylon bag with a tie string located at the top of the bag. They also wanted a customized label with their brand displayed in two colors. What may seem simple did take us some searching but in the end, we located just what the company was looking for and within their price range. They ended up purchasing more than they wanted for an upcoming future event as well.

Lately, the latest liquor industry craze has been Shot-Ski’s. As the name insinuates shot glasses are placed on actual skis. Holes are drilled in the ski and lined with a rubber to better hold the shot glass. Logos are placed on the shot-ski’s and provide a unique and fun way to promote a liquor brand.

We also have been customizing the boxes the liquor or wine comes in. Boxes are often forgotten but when the boxes are creative, that’s when brands a recalled. For example, we provided a cork box to fit a wine along with space for two wine glasses. What an excellent gift to provide clients around the holidays.

If you’d like additional information on liquor specific promotional products, please contact an Account Executive at: and we will be more than happy to suggest product options.